The Legacy of Adam


The Legacy of Adam is a 20-episode mini-series in production that follows the story of Adam and Eve and culminates with Jesus and his great sacrifice. Produced by NOREA and developed by Blue Faces, the series is a unique blend of art direction, body and face motion capture animation, and storytelling. The art direction of the series was inspired by East African artwork and patterns. The style of recycled metal, paper, and clay work together to create a unique visual experience. This style is especially evident in the Garden of Eden, where metal-striped elephants walk around in a lush environment. The series is based on stories from the Bible, and viewers will meet Adam, Abraham, Ishmael, David, Goliath, and Jesus. The Legacy of Adam is child-friendly and was created in Tanzania. It is free to watch and share and comes with its own unique music soundtrack. At Blue Faces, we are proud to have been a part of this international endeavor. Our team of animators, and 2D and 3D artists worked together to bring this series to life. We are passionate about creating quality visuals and stories that will inspire and entertain viewers.


Produced by: NOREA
Produced and directed by:
Roger Gihlemoen
OUR WORKS: Asset creation, Lookdev, 3D animation, Layout, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing, Grading




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