Sepideh Farsi

The Sirene


More than 30 minutes of animation. Utilized motion capture technology and editing to fit the 2D animation artistic style. We were able to save a significant portion of the time and budget for the film’s producers. 1980, Abadan. The capital of the Iranian oil industry is resisting an Iraqi siege. Fourteen-year-old Omid has braved the siege and stayed in the city with his grandfather, waiting for his elder brother to return from the front line. Along with Omid, a gallery of unusual characters have all remained in the city for their own reasons, and each resists in his or her own way. But the noose is tightening as Omid tries to save his loved ones, by embarking them on an abandoned boat he finds in Abadan’s port, which will become his ark. In 1980 Abadan, Iran, fourteen-year-old Omid stays in the city with his grandfather to wait for Omid's elder brother to return from the front line. Surrounded by a unique cast of characters, Omid must find a way to save his loved ones from the Iraqi siege. Omid's solution is to embark his family on an abandoned boat at the Abadan port, which he will use as his own personal ark. Our VFX studio was proud to collaborate on this film, creating a visually stunning representation of the war-torn city and its residents.


Produced by: Les Films d'Ici
Directed by: Sepideh Farsi
Year: In production
Our works: Motion capture, Animation




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