About Blue Faces

Blue Faces is a creative studio that offers a wide range of visual effects services.  For more than a decade, we have been building rapport with VFX producers and supervisors around the globe. The Mill, M2 Film and MovieBrats are just a few of the top studios to rely on Blue Faces.


We have proved our skills in compositing, matte painting, matchmoving and rotoscoping in 1,000s of shots, more than 25 feature films (some of them Oscar nominees) and 100s of commercials (BWM, Nike, Orange, etc.). In 2015, we launched our 3D department in order to embrace all your 3D CG needs from basic 3D modelling to complex smoke and blast simulations. If you are looking for a reliable partner for your next job, please contact us.

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Latest projects

Ralf By Raiffeisen

The design and animations were made by our long time parnerts from Plaftik. After receivng animations, we groom the character, develop shaders, light the scenes and render everything out.

Billa - Vitoši

These cute characters designed by Plaftik was the best commercial in years we had to pleasure to work on. Just adorable, singing commercial sprading love, what could be better?!

Asura Movie

One of our last biggest movie projects was a Chinese movie named – Asura. We work for almost 3 months on the 150 shots of almost 8 minutes long sequence. Read and watch more about or work below.

Our Clients and Projects